ABOUT Travel Food Love | Kolkata


Lishika Chirawala & Yashvi Jain, two extremely enthusiastic best friends who have to know each other for over a decade now. Lishika, who is pursuing B.COM with MBA(marketing) lined up in the near future is a complete maverick to whom the idea of blogging first struck. Whereas, as Yashvi is still trying to make a place for herself in the Medical field she was elated to be the backbone of that thought. They have got all that requires to run a passionate page- devotion, madness, creativity, patience, confidence, curiosity and that friendship of understanding. What you see on the page is a reflection of all those years they had spent talking about traveling to those fascinating & glorious places and binging on oh so ever tempting & scrumptious food. They are definitely a keen learner and have grown over a year (started on 21st May, 2018) that they have been blogging. They are strong headed and do not refrain from experimenting with new fields which will surely lift them up to new heights. What may come, ups or downs, this duo is not moving their backs away from each other. Join in their new found happiness, their page “travel.food.love_”!