ABOUT The Gutless Foodie | Pune

Neville Sukhia Photography ©


We have all described ourselves as foodies. But you need to meet Natasha Diddee to understand what a foodie truly is. At college, Natasha loved that she could learn about the process of making what she ate. Natasha had always been passionate about food. After doing cooking courses in Mumbai, Natasha began her culinary profession by working in several hotels, restaurants and kitchens of prominent organisations in the city.

Natasha Diddee has managed to not just keep her passion for food alive but also spread it to thousands of others –by posting healthy, delicious and extremely photogenic recipes and motivational thoughts in her hugely popular Instagram and Facebook accounts, aptly titled The Gutless Foodie. She is known for her extremely simple yet nutritious recipes involving everyday ingredients that fulfil her body’s nutritional quota. “For me cooking is arresting all my senses and is akin to praying to god.”

From Malvani style Chicken Masala to a vegetarian thaali, from scrambled eggs to her own super healthy variation of pancakes, Natasha’s fascinating food journey can hardly give you an idea of what her body goes through every day.

The most important lesson she has learnt? “Stress is extremely dreadful and can wreak havoc with your body permanently. I strive to completely eliminate stress from the body–by cutting out negative thoughts and people from my life. If you don’t deal with stress right away, you are inviting danger! Learn to love your body and be positive!” she signs off.