ABOUT Studio PS | Priyanka Singh | Delhi

Priyanka Singh (PS) is from Delhi. She has done her Post Graduation in Radio & TV Journalism from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Delhi. She started her career as an intern with radio stations, later she worked as an anchor for a TV channel.

In 2011 She won the Radio Mirchi’s First Vicks Cricket Jockey Title. She started her Youtube channel “Studio PS” in 2016 & never looked back. That’s how she started her blogs about lifestyle, about artists, food & travel. Whilst she was trying & struggling to achieve what she wanted and dreamt of, she got to meet many famous personalities and share the screen with them with great pride which was again commendable.

She feels if she is doing what she really loves and giving her Happiness, then she is already successful. She has stood really strong, have seen many failures and have spent sleepless because she was dreaming with open eyes to achieve what she desired. Her mother, Usha Rani was the real motivation. Her mother became her pillar of strength and stood by her in every situation. She has followed her mother’s lessons and has reached where she is today. All she believes in is “Do your finest Karma’s and the rest will follow.”