ABOUT Spoonful of Hyderabad | Faraaz and Samia | Hyderabad


Spoonful of Hyderabad – Celebrating foods that binds us together 

SOH is run by  – Faraaz & Samia. An engineer and A Interior Designer who happen to love food with the same passion one can say. A blog that has done multiple events across the city with brands like Wrigley, Pepsico, Uber Eats to restaurants like the park, Mamagoto ohris and many more.
Our moto from the beginning has been to bring out the new and happening corners of the city to the major public – Be it a star property to a Bandi  in the old city- Explore the city and deliver each dish with the same amount of respect is of utmost important at SOH

The journey from a spoonful of Hyderabad – “The blog” To Spoonful Digital media – “The digital marketing company” was difficult but completely worth it and fruitful in ways beyond words can describe. We together have undoubtedly worked harder to get this up and running even more adamantly then our own careers.

A hobby turned career that shows to everyone if something done persistently and with all your love and might – anything is achievable.

With our spirits higher than ever before – we are looking forward to venturing into another space and bringing an even better quality of content and entertainment to our audience while maintaining where we began.