ABOUT Onelove Foodlove | Bangalore


Chaitra manjunath years ago when she has just started to know that she enjoy cooking. It was restricted to her home, family and family events. She has never thought back then that she would take it this seriously. Chaitra manjunath pursuing her interior designing, anytime soon will be interning in a architectural firm.

Cooking has always been a interest and pure love for her, She is not a pro are very good and learning everyday, She has just started learning doing mistakes and then learn from  them again and be better at what she does a lot of cooking and by for cooking is most fun thing and antidepressant for her.

She sees herself as a entrepreneur in coming years so bloggin is one milestone or stepping stone in her life. Initially it all started with hitting her favourite places and trying her favourite places and trying menu and posting pics and exploring, She has taken this forward with a friend who has similar interest.

Hopefully she goes forward and achieve all her dreams, She continues to learn from it and be able to be thankful for everything that has come her way till now. Her food interest are quite simple as she is not that of sweet /desert person but she likes different touch that is put to the desert which makes it to be different and stand out.