ABOUT New Delhi Food Blogger | Sanya Aneja | New Delhi


Sanya Aneja is the founder of New Delhi Food Blogger. She is passionate, hard working, committed, organized and motivational are few words which sums up her personality. She is a party & wedding planner by profession other than being a food blogger. She loves music and playing guitar. People who respect their work and worship humanity, she loves them.

She has a problem with fake people and fake things and have low tolerance in dealing with not so punctual people. She believes in valuing time, valuing people, valuing our surrounding and respecting everything which nature has given us. Be good and good will come to you.

Her love for food pulled her towards being a food blogger and now she takes this love of her also seriously. She puts into writing what she feels about a particular place in her blog and Instagram handle.

Her content is all original and all items are self tasted. She believes that put all your energy and commitment in what you love and life will surprise you. Don’t run after money at the early stage and keep doing what you need to to grow and one day you’ll reach your destination. Spread love and not hate.