ABOUT Elvishvixen | Madhubrata Ghosh | Hyderabad


The fact that Madhubrata Ghosh is a doctor but she started blogging out of her sheer love for writing, growing up her mother would give her sister and  loads of books written portraying strong women. Janeausten became their childhood hero. Her uncle would give Them dc and marvel comics showing them heroes are born out of darkness and they excel in the toughest of times. writing came easy to her .She developed amidst the numerous travel opportunities she was blessed with that broadend  her my mind to beyond the four walls it was stuck behind to a world full of hope and endless opportunities.

She has seen grief in far too many times with losses of loved ones that caused far too much pain than she could bear at once but she rose up from it to adorn peace and hope through writing . She wanted to show everyone that hope exists in the darkest of times that its flames burn bright deep within us and in every living being …this thought was the idea behind her photography and blogging. She is not a food blogger or a lifestyle blogger she cant limit herself to a category as blogging is a limitless world.

Ps: She love food like its her breathing and being a bengaliIts in her dna