ABOUT Kolkatafoodographer | Roibat Bhowani


Speaking of blogging, this has always been about exploring the culinary world and finding out the best in the dishes, bringing it in front of the world and even let my audience know, what problems one can end up in, at a particular place. Food blogging for me is perfectly driven by passion. Over the span of 2 years, I have developed myself as a food photographer through constructive criticism and tried to deliver to my client, the best results. I find myself lucky to have met a few renowned chefs and bloggers, whom I wouldn’t have met, otherwise. I have been to 250+ restaurants and cafes in these 2 years and reviewed 150+ places. This isn’t a career option for me but I find my happiness in working in this field, communicating with people and know how things work and at last, giving a feedback about the place to my audience.