ABOUT Just Nagpur things | Abhinav Jeswani | Nagpur


Abhinav Jeswani is an 18 years old boy who’s currently pursuing Bachelors in Commerce. As he was born in the year 2000, he believes he experienced the feelings of 90’s kids and 20‘s kids. He is now helping his father and brother in the family business and wishes to carry it ahead on a large scale. He started blogging just as a hobby, but now it’s a profession. He didn’t think of this much support and love from people and feels really blessed to have such amazing followers. He always believes in spreading smiles and does many things to make his audience happy and make following him worth their while. His other hobbies are to sing and play guitar and in free time He just takes his guitar and starts singing, which really gives him peace. He often comes live to his audience to showcase his talent and everyone loves it.