ABOUT Indian Food Express | Geeta Sridhar | Chennai


Geeta Sridhar is born and brought up in Chennai, and she moved to Mumbai with her family. She is a philanthropist and has extended her helping hand at a number of institutions. She was asked to prepare food for cancer patients. She initially started by serving to around 30 people and eventually catered to all their needs. Her sumptuous cooking and her service to mankind have been recorded by a number of writers and bloggers. She constantly keys her update about her seamless love for food and cooking on her blog The Indian Express. Since the last two years, Geeta Ma has been organizing a Food Bank ( For 30-50 people), where she personally prepares meals with the help of her volunteers and serves the same to the genuinely poor people, every Sunday. She firmly believes that man is God’s medium of serving all those in need. She never tires of her services and is present at the drop of a hat when required.