ABOUT Hyderabad foods | Rajat kathotia & Sambhav Choraria | Hyderabad

RajatKathotia (19) – SambhavChoraria (20) is a foodie Duo pursuing Bachelor’s in  Business Administration, are one of the youngest Food Enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs, Social Workers in Hyderabad who aim at Changing the Vision of People Towards Food Blogging. They explore the best Vegetarian delicacies around the city of Pearls which are left unexplored. They believe in making quality content rather than the quantity content. They are the Founders of Hyderabad’s Largest Followed Vegetarian food Blog on Instagram @HYDERABADFOODS.


Their passion and Love towards Food have made them grow rapidly, they don’t have any plans to make Food Blogging as their full-time carrier but surely a source of Knowledge to grow in the F&B sector. Their Passion and love towards food make them do food Blogging. They are soon coming up with their Youtube Channel and Dedicated Website.


This is the very first time the faces behind Hyderabad food have agreed to come up to let people know about them.