ABOUT Hungernation | Swapnil Shinde | Pune


Swapnil is a Pune based food blogger, who is also born and brought in the same city. Since his childhood, it has been a ritual for his family to visit restaurants and spend time together and eat together. To top it he had his own family members owning restaurants. Food is something which has amazed Swapnil since childhood. It was during college days that he realized, the hawkers/streetfood are something which he has loved and regrets missing it in his childhood. He then decided that along with his career, he should not let go of his passion for food. And one fine day, he decided to continue and share his passion for food with the world with his blogging.


Food blogging has not only made Swapnil a skilled photographer or a good content writer but also has taught the values which he would cherish forever. It depends on how much you embrace the world in your life. Punctuality, discipline, patience, dedication and being down to something he has worked on to the core as a Food Blogger. Life is all about learning and seeking knowledge, and that is what Swapnil is looking forward to his future.​