ABOUT The Girl in Phulkari by Swati Khosla | Delhi |


Swati Khosla, the person behind the blog is currently based out of Chandigarh, she has been in love with food for as long as she remembers. Blogging about food was a natural extension of this as she started exploring the food culture in Chandigarh and sharing through her blog. Her Punjabi roots and the love for the culture are reflected in the name of her blog as well. Prior to this, she did a corporate stint in Gurugram post her Master’s in Business Economics.
The blogging journey is also helping her learn new skills such as photography and styling. Outside of blogging her interests include spending time with family & friends, movies and shopping. The latter though is now more oriented towards props which would help her elevate a basic food photo to the next level. For her presentation also matters since we eat with our eyes first.
She feels equally at home at a fine dining restaurant as she does enjoying street food, her only benchmark being tasty and good food. Chocolate desserts are her all-time favorite pick-me ups, whether it is to celebrate an occasion or to just elevate the spirits on a not-so-good-day. While her blog is mostly centered around Chandigarh tri-city area, she does feature food from other cities as well where she travels.