ABOUT Gastrohogger | Karthik Gandhi | Hyderabad


Karthik Gandhi, 35, an IT Manager by profession but a hardcore foodie at heart has a big appetite and hogs a lot. With blog brand name as GastroHogger, he shares his experiences on all places he visits and food promotions/festivals from restaurants all around the Land of Biryani. GastroHogger is all about being a sharing experience to a common man who loves food and connects the vibe on it.

It’s not about fancy, fine-dining experiences alone but to show how Hyderabad still considered as developing a city in F & B sector has got diversified in recent years and how much the city has to offer. Each blog should give a wholistic and complete experience to the reader to understand the restaurant or festival 100%.

If you got to do it, do it 100% or not. Being a family man with wonderful 3 daughters, time management becomes a big hurdle to keep the job – family – friends – food at a harmonial balance and GastroHogger does it with ease. the technique is simple: Apply the best practices from work into your blogger space and vice versa. I do it when I like to do it and don’t wait for the right moment. Having a passionate hobby enriches your thought much which many don’t understand.

I take my blogging hobby a bit more serious because I keep re-inventing myself for my challenges and keep reading a lot before I write. This reading has enabled or rather enhanced my reading skills to understand food and cuisines across the world. This exposure has enabled me to talk more sensible feedback/criticism on food in multiple forums which get understood and sensible. If you are not right, you are not an authentic food reviewer. I also keep my experience and writing to more to say if I liked/loved a dish or not. I don’t comment or project myself as a food critic which takes ages of maturity and dedication into space which I can or never will be accomplished until I might think of it full time in near future. With wife handling the kids, I can a good balance between all these tasks in front of me and still be SANE !!

I feel love towards food should evolve in yourself and you start respecting anything and everything around it. Being arrogant and ignorant to food always irate me and so does senseless and illogical feedback given to restaurants(be it owners, chef, and their team). You need to understand food to talk about food. I strongly suggest just like any profession or work you do; you should also dedicate time to keep on learning/reading about food, cuisines, their history, cooking techniques which will revolve around how HISTORY & FOOD are inseparable forever. The utmost respect and connection with food is eternal and if food is religion, then I’m a THEIST ?