ABOUT Foodholic.Mumbai | Esha shroff | Mumbai


Foodholic.mumbai, a journey that Esha Shroff Shah embarked upon 6 years ago has come a long way. Foodholic  is not merely a blog but her love and passion to visualise, create, and curate content about delicious lip-smacking food and the most amazing world she can’t wist to travel.

Its been a phenomenal journey over the past few years and she has come a long way! It’s amazing when people and
family members message her and tell her how much they love her blog. She still remember’s when she had just left her job and was looking for a new job in an advertising agency. And wasn’t feeling very sure if she will be able to handle both and that’s when she thought this is it and she wanted to be a blogger. And  the hard work and journey started then back in 2013.  She is happy to get all the support and love from people across.