ABOUT Foodiepedia Mumbai | Mrunal Desai | Mumbai



Mrunal Desai a student of architecture, her love for food and passion for exploring new places and cuisines started while she visited various architectural places in her city & in the country. By travelling she understood the diversity in the food industry and the struggle to innovate new dishes. This gave her an idea to portray the upcoming trends and dishes to people giving them a wide range of options to choose from.

She started her food journey Last year on the occasion of Diwali. She is now a great family of 25k on Instagram. She went to many events where she got a chance to meet famous chefs of cooking industry like Sanjeev Kapoor, Saransh Goila,& Harpal Singh. Recently she visited Fabelle Chocolate event where she got an opportunity to recreate Masterchef Australia’s winner Chef Billie McKay’s signature dish. She love to click and explore places and she is a big fan of Desserts.