ABOUT The Edible Tales | Food Blogger Kajal | Mumbai


I am a full-time teacher and a part-time Food Reviewer/ Blogger started ‘The Edible Tales’ taking my love for food to a step ahead. I strongly believe ‘Love for Food is True Love’. I am from a Sindhi family, I have grown up enjoying a variety of dishes. Food runs in our blood. I’m more of a sweets person. So I love desserts. And chocolate is my weakness. I not only love to relish in delectable dishes but also love to cook. So I keep trying new dishes at home as well.I find the utmost pleasure and satisfaction in sharing my experiences with people who share the same love. I consider the job of creating genuine content for my blog as my worship which I religiously follow. I’m always in search of something new to try and let people know about it. So I travel places just for creating unique and new content for my followers, who are my blessings.
My passion is what keeps me going and drives me crazy to do crazy things.
Each perfect picture on my blog has many imperfect clicks behind. Each picture has a lot of dedication and hard work.