ABOUT depressedhogger | Dr. Trishnika | Delhi


Dr.Trishnika. 50% Photographer, 40% Endodontist, 30% Creative Coach and 20% Momos. She is also terrible at Maths. The internet, and more specifically Instagram changed her life. For most of you, who have known me she is an Endodontist. Her work profession is completely different from what one can perceive from her gallery, from root canal treatment to creative travel and food photography.

The most important thing that we all should have through out is a Hobby. With busy schedule, most of us laze down on weekends. 3 Years back on such lazy weekend, She joined Instagram community. At first it took her a while to understand what Instagram Community trying to convey to its users and its simple, Be Creative and Be Inspired.

She started clicking pictures of abstract frames like broken bridge, closed doors, wooden windows and every small things which we miss out in daily life, She started projecting it in her grid. Instagrammers from UK , Sara Tasker (@me_and_orla), Malin (@poppyloveyou), Barbora Kurcova (@herinternest) have tuned her  creativity and mostly her perception towards simple things.

Coming to her first love and true Love, Food, She has always been a dentist with very gigantic appetite. One year back she decided to have a sorted grid of only Food rather than an unorganized account of travel, food and frames. She started her Food Blogging with Karan Dua and Roma Malhotra with restaurant reviewing not much prominent in Delhi. Over time her food photos started gaining more attention and love and hence it wasn’t much difficult to grab attention of the brands and restaurants for promotion.

It wasn’t a one night’s miracle to gain love from so many lovely people. To the buzzing bloggers, She would definitely advice to be different from the crowd, be it be writing content or photographs, to reach the community.