ABOUT Cupcakeree | Reethika Singh | Bangalore


To Reethika, food is love… it not only has the power to nourish, but also to comfort and to heal. Much as she likes cooking and trying out new recipes, she doesn’t like spending hours in the kitchen on a daily basis. So a lot of her everyday cooking tends to be simple and fuss-free. But that doesn’t mean she cuts corners. Reethika cooks for her family every single day. Her meals incorporate healthy fats, lean protein, raw & cooked vegetables and gluten-free whole grains. She admits to having a major sweet tooth which she now keeps satisfied with healthier alternatives like date or fruit sweetened desserts.

Her personal food journey has evolved over time. Being a child who loved to eat, she grew up struggling with her weight. Post a life-altering spine surgery in 2012, she decided to take charge of her health. That was when she started to cook more, eat out less and stick to a regular exercise routine.

Now she tries to make healthy choices as much as possible. She makes a conscious effort to cut back on refined sugar, gluten and processed foods in her diet. Over the years, she has come to enjoy cooking simple, wholesome meals for her family, who (fortunately) share her love for homemade food. She tries to strike a balance, staying mostly healthy, but sometimes giving into temptation.