ABOUT Color and Spices | Chitrangada Kundu | Kolkata


Chitrangada Kundu being brought up in a Bengali joint family, her first inspirations are her grandmother, mother, and aunts. She has seen them cooking everyday food, those simple yet unforgettable dishes are like magic to her. She always wanted to know the spell that can create those magic. So she simply cooked to recreate the magic that overwhelmed her throughout her childhood.

Due to her love for food she did not restrict herself to only Bengali cuisines but try out all the regional cuisines as well as world cuisines. As food and cooking give her immense joy and pleasure she likes to spread the love for the same through her blog. Cooking is a never-ending learning process. She is still learning. The recipes she shares on her blog are that she has inherited, learned, tries and tasted. And while blogging she learnt about food photography, that’s a new passion and she is enjoying this self-learning thoroughly.