ABOUT Bangalorexpress | Bangalore


Shruthi Started Bangalorexpress in the start of 2012. She is an architect by profession practing since 6 years now with many hobbies like Writing, composing small rhyming poetry, Photography, Art, dance, Crafts, Interior and Product design  and so on. BANGALORExpress and TheColorfool  is her medium of connecting and expressing all that she enjoys doing . She also photoblogs at the colorfool and plans to make it a full fledged blog in 2018

She has been blogging inconsistently in the past, Back on it since 2017 and looking forward to doing a variety of things for Bangalorexpress. Home full of foodies, its hard not to talk more about food which has been the focus in the past couple of months on the bangalorexpress blog, looking forward to create more travel and city related content this year and use the power of social media to help people in the city and work on social issues in the city for its betterment !