ABOUT Vougueinvein by Megha



Megha started blogging a year back she used to click photos through her cell phone only. She started posting her OOTD , Make up. it was really tough for her to do everything by herself Editing, Contacting the brands, Writing blog to update everything what is happening in the Industry, To arrange photographer.

She was consistent, She used to read how she can expand this thing, started following the trends and the super Bloggers how they have. In preliminary stage it’s really tough all she shows is patience. So after 4 to 5 months she started collaborating with brands and in Kolkata it’s absolutely new it’s tough to survive on it, the commercial is too Low but hoping Kolkata is also going to rock soon. She really believes if you do what you love you will definitely be successful. Now She is at a place where she wanted to be in last year and believe will be the place where she wants to see herself soon.