ABOUT Shivani Trehan

Born and brought up in New Delhi, Shivani Trehan did her schooling from DPS RP Puram. After a double graduation in business and dance ( Bharatnatyam) she became a part of the launch team for the lifestyle TV channel NDTV Good Times. With a desire to enhance her skills and knowledge, she went on to pursuing her post graduation from Manchester Business School. Once back she gave into the temptation of a steady job and worked with Turner International with English movie channels like HBO (Home Box Office) & WB (Warner Brothers). She worked there for a period of 4 years and by this time her passion for food was at the forefront. She then quit her corporate job, traveled for two months and after a lot of soul searching on her future, she came to realize she wanted to become a food blogger and a fit one at that. With that direction in mind, she went to completely changing her lifestyle. With a lot of will power and determination she controlled her diet and worked out extensively. In the process she ended up losing 10kgs over a period of 5 months. This already made her an inspiration among friends and family and now there was no stopping her in achieving her other goals. Today she has many followers and covers not only food, but also fashion, travel, fitness and beauty as a complete lifestyle blogger.

She says “Even though I was in media I never faced the camera before – even I didn’t know I’d love it so much and now every day is new day of discovering myself.”