ABOUT Plums & Peplum by Kompal Matta


Kompal Matta former student of Fashion styling & Image design from Pearl Academy, Delhi, she has gained working experience with various E-commerce websites and production houses, She achieved a mixed experience of editorial, personal and commercial styling along with managing fashion shows and events happening around.

She started her blog a in 2015 but couldn’t really manage it well with her post graduation so she decided to become a full time fashion & lifestyle blogger right after her styling course got over in 2017. Through her blog, She document her personal style and fashion stories. Her style is related to color blocking, experimenting and balancing.  She loves to play dress-up, and constantly help brands to grow and connect with their real customers, helping young women to  understand and be inspired by her personal styles. Pushing the limits of creativity right from fashion and photography, to much more is what drives her to constantly work hard and create original content to inspire others.

Everything she does roots from real dedication and inspiration and she hope every girl out there finds a little bit of herself in each of us!