ABOUT Payal Scribbles by Payal Shankar


A Fashionista by choice and a writer at heart, Payal Shankar is a city based blogger and brand influencer. She is a voracious reader and has a keen eye for detail for anything artistic and unique. She finds inspiration everywhere and is a trend setter for her peers and friends.

She is always juggling to find the perfect balance between her busy personal and professional life and makes sure she does it all with dedication and love.

 She enjoys living life to the fullest – be it going for adventures trips with her biker husband and son or reading poetry. Her philosophy to a happier life is to take out time for the smaller joys in life, finding a reason to be happy everyday and spreading the same in her environment.

She loves meditating and is a practicing Nichiren Buddhist.

She loves sharing her daily life and inspiring her followers through her individualistic style and personality. She firmly believes in the mantra that everyone can co-exist peacefully and find their calling in what they love to do and do it with an unbridled passion.