ABOUT Manvi Bhargava


Manvi Bhargava is a famous fashion as well as stylist blogger, Fashion runs in her blood. Her mother always receive compliments for how she carries herself. She runs a boutique in Jaipur currently. For her father, the way they used to dress up was very important.

Since her childhood, She has always been taken care by her parents to look her best and presentable.

And with that nack, an year ago she realized that she has been asked so many questions and advices related to fashion, her makeup choices, skincare etc. This used to boost her confidence and experiment with her fashion choices a lot.  Today, she works as a social media influencer where she put up her personal choices in form of pixels into the virtual world which is growing rapidly.

She feels internet and her audience are like her best friends with whom she can sit for hours and chat about mutual intrests on fashion, travel, lifestyle, skincare and Makeup of course. Her curiosity to try new products, places, lifestyle choices, skincare, make up is unbelievable. She loves to try, so that she can put her pros and cons in front as a customer and also help her friends, family and audience to make the right choices as per her experience.

If she could influence one individual, she feels confident and happy about the choice to become and stand out as an influencer.