ABOUT Makeup and Beauty Treasure by Megha Saraf


Megha Saraf is a fashion blogger. She likes shopping in malls or fashion stores! As of now she is influenced by no one, but she really likes the fashion sense of Stella!. She believes in whatever a person wears or any fashion they follow they must be comfortable in wearing that.

Megha Saraf is a fashion, makeup and beauty influencer from Hyderabad, India. She is also a mother of 10 month old baby!. She is passionate about Fashion, Makeup, Beauty products, Nail paints, Nail arts, Gadgets, Books, Clothes, Jewellery and all other things that are pretty and sparkly. She also loves shopping, traveling, chit chatting with her family and friends. She loves animals and goes awww when she sees a puppy. She even has done MBA (finance+marketing) and was a gold medalist even though she loves fashion, makeup and jewelries a lot.