ABOUT Fashionistha by Nistha Saraf


Nistha Saraf hailing from an Indian Marwari family (born and brought up) it did not come easy for her to take up blogging until now when the biggest support system of her life (her love..her husband) became her motivating factor and gave her all the necessary push. The most beautiful soul she has been married to is her lucky charm as well. It all started at a very tender age (I guess 11) when she would never settle for even a dress bought for her by anyone, be it her parents, siblings or relatives. Anything that she would wear had to be of her choice.

She always had her own style and fashion sense. Time passed, she completed her education (MBA) and started working but she was never at peace with what she was doing. She never planned her life. Whatever came, she took in her stride and kept walking with no idea of where it’s taking her. Things kept on changing in her life, including her jobs but one thing that never changed was her love for fashion.