Biso (Citrus Hotel)-Pimpri

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array(21) { ["id"]=> string(4) "2373" ["organisation"]=> string(26) "Biso (Citrus Hotel)-Pimpri" ["uploadlogo"]=> string(33) "1_2373_citrus hotel biso pune.jpg" ["address"]=> string(97) "Old Mumbai- Pune Highway, Pimpri ,(Chinchwad, Opposite PCMC building), Pune - 411018, Maharashtra" ["cuisine"]=> string(41) "North Indian,South Indian,European,Other:" ["special_offer"]=> string(0) "" ["special_discount"]=> string(0) "" ["loofre_discount_1"]=> string(25) "15% Discount on food bill" ["loofre_discount_2"]=> string(0) "" ["loofre_discount_3"]=> string(0) "" ["sbi_discount"]=> string(0) "" ["hdfc_discount"]=> string(0) "" ["icici_discount"]=> string(0) "" ["startTime"]=> string(8) "07:00:00" ["endTime"]=> string(8) "23:00:00" ["cost_for_two"]=> string(4) "1500" ["district"]=> string(4) "Pune" ["contactperson"]=> string(7) "Bhushan" ["mobile"]=> string(10) "9768804672" ["email"]=> string(33) "sriharsha.hoysala@citrushotels.in" ["phone"]=> string(0) "" }

Rohit Rajendra Jadhav


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BISO – Citrus Hotel This place is a must visit!!  From Food to decor to service and music everything is simply pleasing about this place.



For the most delicious North Indian, South Indian & European Cuisine head to Biso- Citrus Hotel and spend that long due date with your family.



To satisfy that sweet tooth of yours, you can always have that scrumptious plate of Dessert!!



This place offers you everything at very reasonable prices, be it ambiance or be it food this place has it all!



For that bang on taste and texture, Cafe biso is the place to lay your eyes on!


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