Calendars Kitchen By Satish Kaushik

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Shivankar Shivankar


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Calendar Kitchen By Satish Kaushik is a unique place to spend a nice afternoon with friends, though this place is more for the people in 30s as it lacks teenage charm and twenties impulsiveness.



A perfect place to organise a kitty party or a lunch. Suitable place for women as they serve light drinks with the buffet. This place is mostly filled with ladies cause of it compact choice of sober architecture and food. It doesn’t have any manly characteristics in it.



The place is situated on the second floor with no lift, so can be a problem for the person with leg pain or arthritis. As it is owned by well known Bollywood Director Satish Kaushik, You may find his quotes and posters all over the place. The staff is good and serve their hospitality at best.



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