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array(21) { ["id"]=> string(4) "2695" ["organisation"]=> string(8) "Sura Vie" ["uploadlogo"]=> string(24) "1_2695_sura vie logo.jpg" ["address"]=> string(78) "2/85, 1st Floor, Above State Bank of India, Club Road, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi" ["cuisine"]=> string(35) "Chinese,North Indian,Italian,Other:" ["special_offer"]=> string(0) "" ["special_discount"]=> string(0) "" ["loofre_discount_1"]=> string(25) "15% Discount on food bill" ["loofre_discount_2"]=> string(0) "" ["loofre_discount_3"]=> string(0) "" ["sbi_discount"]=> string(0) "" ["hdfc_discount"]=> string(0) "" ["icici_discount"]=> string(0) "" ["startTime"]=> string(8) "12:00:00" ["endTime"]=> string(8) "23:00:00" ["cost_for_two"]=> string(4) "1800" ["district"]=> string(9) "New Delhi" ["contactperson"]=> string(3) "Ved" ["mobile"]=> string(10) "8860264736" ["email"]=> string(27) "info@suraviepunjabibagh.com" ["phone"]=> string(0) "" }

Mehak Tandon Mehak Tandon


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Sura Vie is located at 2/85, 1st Floor, Above the State Bank Of India Club Road, Punjabi Bagh.  It is a family restaurant with cozy ambiance.



The kitty hall is the most eye-catching and liveliest place of this restaurant. It is very well equipped with high dynamic lights.



This  hall can hold a gathering of upto 15-20 persons with utmost convenience. Words fails to praise the food quality and the dedicated service.



This property totally represents the chef Sanjeev Kapoor with their finest delicacies.



Order anything you want and it will just satisfy your craving for the perfect taste. The mocktails over here are refreshing and entirely soothing! It’s a must visit.

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