MAFIA 2.0 - The Underworld Cafe and Bar

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array(21) { ["id"]=> string(4) "1559" ["organisation"]=> string(39) "MAFIA 2.0 - The Underworld Cafe and Bar" ["uploadlogo"]=> string(16) "1_1559_Mafia.png" ["address"]=> string(93) "Shop 1, 1st floor, Shanti Store Market, Club Road, West Punjabi Bagh, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi" ["cuisine"]=> string(31) "North Indian,Continental,Other:" ["special_offer"]=> string(0) "" ["special_discount"]=> string(0) "" ["loofre_discount_1"]=> string(0) "" ["loofre_discount_2"]=> string(0) "" ["loofre_discount_3"]=> string(0) "" ["sbi_discount"]=> string(20) "15% Off on Food Bill" ["hdfc_discount"]=> string(0) "" ["icici_discount"]=> string(0) "" ["startTime"]=> string(8) "12:00:00" ["endTime"]=> string(8) "23:30:00" ["cost_for_two"]=> string(4) "1300" ["district"]=> string(9) "New Delhi" ["contactperson"]=> string(11) "Mr. Avinash" ["mobile"]=> string(10) "7503211111" ["email"]=> string(26) "Avinashtiwari178@gmail.com" ["phone"]=> string(0) "" }

Sagar Budhiraja Sagar Budhiraja


Loofre Offers

SBI Cards : 15% Off on Food Bill

Every photo has a story!

Every time perhaps you will feel this if you visit any of the lounges in Punjabi Bagh. But this one got better resources at work talking about food, the behavior of staff, DJ and seating that what describes The Mafia 2.0.



It’s 3-floor restaurant and each floor has its own aroma and charm. 2 floors confined to inside sitting and one is open air sitting. The place is decorated with mafia stuff, and look like a den of Underworld.



Nice place to spend time with friends, they even have a bar and variety of drinks in their menu. The Aura of the place is defined by its name. Mafia 2.0 has an amazing rooftop sitting which can give complex any other cafe in Punjabi Bagh.



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