Ghungroo Club & Bar

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array(21) { ["id"]=> string(4) "2194" ["organisation"]=> string(20) "Ghungroo Club & Bar " ["uploadlogo"]=> string(20) "1_2194_Ghungroos.jpg" ["address"]=> string(44) "39, NWA Club Road, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi " ["cuisine"]=> string(35) "Chinese,North Indian,Mughlai,Other:" ["special_offer"]=> string(0) "" ["special_discount"]=> string(0) "" ["loofre_discount_1"]=> string(0) "" ["loofre_discount_2"]=> string(0) "" ["loofre_discount_3"]=> string(0) "" ["sbi_discount"]=> string(20) "15% Off on Food Bill" ["hdfc_discount"]=> string(0) "" ["icici_discount"]=> string(0) "" ["startTime"]=> string(8) "00:00:00" ["endTime"]=> string(8) "23:30:00" ["cost_for_two"]=> string(4) "1500" ["district"]=> string(9) "New Delhi" ["contactperson"]=> string(18) "Mr. Bhaskar Joshi " ["mobile"]=> string(10) "9650411754" ["email"]=> string(24) "joshibhaskar19@gmail.com" ["phone"]=> string(0) "" }

Sagar Budhiraja Sagar Budhiraja


Loofre Offers

SBI Cards : 15% Off on Food Bill

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Ghungroo Club & Bar is situated at Punjabi bagh club road. The Ambiance was amazing starting from the stairs to the main club entry.



The combination of club and bar along with spacious dining area ,the amazing music and ofcourse the yummy food and drinks makes is the perfect combo.



The bar has a lot to offer with a unique variety of drinks. The place is suitable for family dining or partying.


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