Lodi - The Garden Restaurant

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Lodi – The Garden Restaurant is one of the most beautiful and romantic restaurant in New Delhi. Situated in the heart of the city this place has its own aura. As you walk into their premise, their garden well lit with fairy lights and in between you see a sitting space open from all ends.The white drapes add to the color of the place.



The interiors are beautiful! The part at the end almost looks like a secret garden. It’s really quite good as well.  Lodhi has been creating a buzz ever since its inception and even though the outdoorsy ambiance and hazy music in the background are pretty much the essences of this place.



Located on Lodhi road, right next to the park the entrance is entrancing, especially if you go at night. You feel as if you’re entering a magical garden and down the steps, you go on a winding stone path lit with candescent wicker lights. The mood is romantic and also calming. There is outside seating as well as indoors. This place also hosts large parties and there is a bar outside as well.


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