Civil House

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Shivankar Shivankar


Loofre Offers

Loofre discount : 15% Off on Food Bill

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Sit back, unwind yourrself at this appealing place; this broadly describes the Civil house. Civil house has beautiful and contemporary interiors that serve some amazing food. They serve one of the best European food in Delhi hands down. We ordered for couscous with Moroccan stew and grilled cottage cheese. I was simply bowled over.



They have both indoor and outdoor seating available which is an added bonus. This place seems to have a really good collection of wine as well. You can visit this place for a relaxed afternoon lunch or a boozy dinner.




This place has this perfect Italian cooking style, I’ve been to places and trust me the pasta and pizza here cannot be compared to even the best of the Italian chains in India.
Ithe food is very fresh and tasty, the ambiance is good as well! The only issue is you’ll have to find this place, it’s a small cafe located in the hustle of Khan market.



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