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array(21) { ["id"]=> string(4) "2204" ["organisation"]=> string(8) "3 Pipers" ["uploadlogo"]=> string(58) "1_2204_18920125_1378276188885651_4100046014380680339_n.jpg" ["address"]=> string(28) "F-20 A, GTB Nagar, New Delhi" ["cuisine"]=> string(34) "Chinese,Italian,Continental,Other:" ["special_offer"]=> string(0) "" ["special_discount"]=> string(20) "15% Off on Food Bill" ["loofre_discount_1"]=> string(20) "15% off on food bill" ["loofre_discount_2"]=> string(0) "" ["loofre_discount_3"]=> string(0) "" ["sbi_discount"]=> string(0) "" ["hdfc_discount"]=> string(0) "" ["icici_discount"]=> string(0) "" ["startTime"]=> string(8) "11:00:00" ["endTime"]=> string(8) "00:00:00" ["cost_for_two"]=> string(3) "550" ["district"]=> string(9) "New Delhi" ["contactperson"]=> string(7) "Mr. Ram" ["mobile"]=> string(10) "9818371577" ["email"]=> string(18) "buntty89@gmail.com" ["phone"]=> string(10) "9582404515" }

Sagar Budhiraja Sagar Budhiraja


Loofre Offers

Loofre discount : 15% Off on Food Bill

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3 Pipers Cafe and Lounge is located in GTB Nagar and is definately a cool place to hang out and even for the students to take a break from their classes in the nearby area.



With its amazing ambiance ,food and music its a cool place to party ,hangout and for any celebration.



The uniquely lit place with amazing wall arts and interior is definately a charmer.


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