Surahi By The Rajkamal

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Vaibhav Sharma Vaibhav Sharma


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Loofre discount : 15% Off on Food Bill

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Surahi is a pure vegetarian restaurant in Connaught place. Surahi offers to you a mouthwatering pure vegetarian multi-cuisine food varieties with Bar.



Mocktail is always welocme. No one ever say no to mocktails. So here we are with mocktails. It is a really nice place with great ambiance and greater service.



Here experienced team to Serve with dedication & Integrity. Discover new Concepts Energize ideas to keep pace with Growing competition and Guest satisfaction.



They are here to serve your wish,they are serving at best. If you are pure vegetarian lover must a visit place. Two floors over there to serve your food.



Here is Dinning Table for family, Couples table are here, Sofa sitting also available as per your comfort. Not only food but ambience, staff culture do make your eating experience heavenly!!



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