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Rajashekar Reddy Rajashekar Reddy


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The restaurant  is so unique and you might have not heard this restaurant name earlier. Named after the characters of Hindu mythology, Nala Bhimas offer tasty food for its customers. According to the epic Mahabharata, Bheema the second one of Pandavas had to work as a cook for some time and he was good at making tasty dishes.



The  ambiance is also unique which is in the theme of Bheema, which makes you feel that you are in a royal place having your food. Everything here is perfectly matches with the theme of the restaurant.



Menu offers quite a large choice for a group of people, services was rather prompt, food here is great. This restaurant seems to perfectly suited for the ANDHRA SPICY FOOD LOVERS.



You can enjoy your food with you loved ones, by listing to the soft music of the old Telugu movies. The staff here are very good.

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