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Rajashekar Reddy Rajashekar Reddy


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Want to have a mouth watering buffet where you don’t need to get up from your table, where food is served right on your table, then Eat India Company is the right place, this is a unique place as it serves what they call TDH – Table d’hôte Buffet.



The ambience is really great you fall  in love with this place as soon as you enter the restaurant. The entire seating area gives you a royal feeling. The chairs which are made up of wood give you a vintage vibe.



The orange-yellowish light  which falls on the tables and the reflected light  from the table  gives you the relax feeling, you can enjoy your time by having delicious food with good soft music playing all the time.



You get to see the different photographs which are laminated and neatly placed on every wall all over the restaurant. They serve wide variety of food, along with alcohol. Overall you get to see some great interiors while having great food.

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