Vertigo - The High Life

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Want to enjoy your time by having that mouth watering delicious food with a beautiful view of the city?

Vertigo The High Life is a roof top bar & restaurant where you can have food and drinks with scenic view.



One side of the dining area is covered with sofas which can accommodate decent amount of people.  One can conveniently have food and drinks in order to groove with the light music playing in the background.



This place is completely lighten up with red, blue and purple decor which is totally a mood buster. To have that splendid picture skew view of the city, they have the perfect seating arrangement for you on the rooftop.



As soon  as you enter the roof top of this place, you instinctively get the feeling of getting into the party. If you enjoy night life and want to hangout or party with your friends then you should definitely visit this place.


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