The Wine House

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Ashwani Ashwani


Loofre Offers

SBI Cards : 15% Off on Food Bill
HDFC Cards : 15% Off on Total Bill

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Queen’s Bar & Lounge keeps their patrons satisfied with a diverse eclectic menu. It’s crammed with delicacies from Italian, American cuisines, along with smashing bar menu to give you that happy buzz.

Walk out of Queen’s Bar & Lounge with a big smile on your face but first, dig into something sweet or something hot.

There is no shortage of bars in Gurgaon but if you want a friendly place then you will have to search quite a bit.

The bar’s dining space is split across two levels, both equipped with plush red couches and comfy sofa chairs.

‘Queen’s Bar & Lounge’ can be your next destination if you want a neat minimalistic place to drink in and hang out with friends.

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