Lal Qila

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Bedmahima Subhdarshan


Loofre Offers

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Experience the authentic ambiance of mughals at ” LAL QILA ”  The lights and interior of this place can flashback you to the times of mughals.  KEBABS of this place is different in varieties which is served as Sizzler Platters.



Wanting to dine in with a large group, then this is  the place for you.  The Cuisine of this restaurant is Royal due to its rich sauses, magnificient curries, marinated roast meats & mouth-watering sweets.



Treat for both vegetarian and non vegetarain cravings.  It’s  a place for the people who are busy in their schedule & for those who are Window Shopper’s to taste and grab some delicious food at “LAL QILA ”


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