ABOUT Tishya


Hailing from the city(Kolkata) where music is in every one blood and veins, Dj Tisha has started her career back in 2008-09 when there weren’t many female DJs in the city back then. It totally happens to be a male-dominated industry, so coming out from that phase and proving herself to be the competition for many in the industry was a very tough journey so far. Dj Tishya has performed at more than 200 school and college fests across the country, and has traveled the country for the gigs at the most prestigious clubs. she is very well known for the energy behind the Dj console and the musical connection with the crowd makes her different from others. it has always been seen that no one sits while she performs. been into this profession since a decade now and counting she signs out with the promise to make everyone dance till the end…..