Immensely self assured & one of the very few women to succeed in the Macho world Gouri Sharma a full time Air hostess & a DJ, she manages her passion & profession so well, switching the oomph factor from the dance floor to the turntable. DJ Gouri is busy sizzling the most happening dance floors in the Country & Globe. Having her own unique style which brings out the young, sexy & chic onto the dance floor, her music is the newest fashion statement. 

Gouri Sharma, who’s well known for her Style, Skills, Class, Charm and Spontaneity has been exposed to a huge plethora of genres in music. 

She can also change her style of music to suit an event, and is actively involved in making the crowd dance to her groove. Craving a niche for herself in music and flying, she has maintained her balance in both the costs with utter pose. She has climbed the ladder with lot of hardship, knowledge and she realises the power and responsibility that comes with the position. She holds today in India as well as internationally !!