How can you contact Loofre's Customer support?

We would love to hear from you!
To get in touch with us, chose the medium according to your convenience:
Email id:
Phone no.: +91 9717001947
Address :E4, 3rd Floor, Sector 3, Noida (201301).
Address (redg) : K5 Brand Solutions Private Limited Vardhman Sunrise Plaza Vashundra Enclave Delhi-110096.


How can merchants register their outlet on Loofre?

To register your outlet with us, merchants click on the given link:

For Merchant Alliances contact:
National Alliances - Ayushi Mahajan -: or

Hotels, Buffet, Spa Alliances - Ayushi Mahajan-:

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Why do you have to call a restaurant manager to confirm reservations?

Once your booking is confirmed you'll receive a SMS with the restaurant manager's number. Then restaurants require a confirmation of your reservation through call in order to provide a level of security and also to prevent the people from not showing up after making reservations.

Why was your reservation cancelled?

If the reservation is not cancelled from your end, but you received a cancellation notice on your mail, then the restaurant has marked your reservation as cancellation in their Loofre reservation book. This might have been done accidentally or intentionally if some issue suddenly affected the restaurant's ability to provide service to you.

Please contact the restaurant directly to check whether they can put back your reservation, if the reservation has yet not occurred. If the reservation was cancelled in error and you have already dined at the restaurant, please contact our customer service.

What is our cancellation policy?

We just ask you to let the restaurant know about the cancellation at least 30 minutes prior to your reservation!
You can cancel your booking online or on call directly.

Loofre believes in providing exclusive services to its customers as well as the restaurants. To help us in maintaining a high – quality service with our associated merchants, customers are requested to cancel any booking that they won't be able to honor at least 30 minutes prior to the reservation.

Are there cancellation fees for no – show reservations?

No, we don't charge any cancellation fees for no – show reservations.

What constitutes a no – show?
  • Failure to honor or cancel reservation
    If you do not honor your reservation and do not cancel online or call the restaurant to cancel to reservation before the time of reservation, the restaurant reserves the right to mark your reservation as a no – show.
  • Late Arrival
    Most of the restaurants hold the booking for 15 minutes and if you haven't arrived or called within the aforementioned time after your reservation time, the restaurant holds the right to mark your reservation as no – show or cancellation.
What is Loofre's no – show policy?

Loofre is committed to providing excellent services to its customers as well as restaurants. A no – show is quite disturbing for a restaurant’s business, so to control the escalations, Loofre Support Team monitors every customers account. If any user has three no – show reservations in a span of 12 months, their Loofre account will be blocked.

In order to prevent no – shows on your account, make sure that you always cancel your reservation if your plan changes or in case of late arrival inform the restaurant to make changes accordingly.