ABOUT Virender Singh


Virender Singh is a full time copywriter, part time standup comedian and a poet on weekends who write about weekdays. His life has always with full of challenges, be it waking up early for office or making excuses on weekends on how to cancel a plan. He tried performing everywhere and succeeded nowhere, else you would have know him.
His dad always pushes him to do a government job for his acche din, but he believes that to be in a government job one has to study and that is what he can’t do.
His comedy is that poor that he has a video of his standup in mobile recordings only.

His life till now is filled with ignorance but he says, one day he will climb up to the heights where these respective people will have no other option but to ignore him in order to save themselves from their kickass ‘Bezzati’. He is planning to upload a video where he’ll talk about all the haramkhor’s around him and some personal experiences