ABOUT Sneha Suhas


Sneha Suhas is born and brought up in Bangalore. Her comedy revolves around musings of her everyday life. People ask her if she does “feminist jokes” , to her they’re just jokes, that’s the question that has been most asked to her. Apart from that she has performed in all the major cities in India including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai and her favourite city, Bangalore. She also got a chance to perform internationally in Brisbane, Australia. Sneha’s tour is right around the corner starting in March, She will be doing her special headlining act with another comic, touring all the major cities in India.

Her all time favourite quote would be, “The thing about being famous when you’re not ready is showing the world your mediocrity”. It’s not about being an overnight short lived star, for her it is about content created that lives on and leaves a thought in people’s heads.