ABOUT Anish Deshmukh | Executive Chef | Grub Shub


He has worked as a chef for more than 12 years now. Worked in London for more than 4 years and in TAJ there mainly as a chef. Working as a chef really gives him the wings and self-belief that he has achieved something in my life. Being a chef was never easy to be honest, working for 16-17 hours in the kitchen really kept asking him the same question that why are you doing this but certainly answer was ready that yes he wanted to be a CHEF and he won’t call it off so soon. Hard work really pays of as now when he see’s his old tiring days and feels so proud and happy about himself. One should always be happy with his/her work and should be always satisfied. Now a days he gets time for doing food, travel blogging which I really enjoy and loves to learn more and more day by day. Being active on youtube can say a youtuber gives an edge as love spreading information about his food and travel experiences to his viewers.