ABOUT Kumar Amresh | Fortune Select Dasve Pune

Kumar Amresh the way he thinks about food today is different than when he started in this industry. When he was first starting out, he was hungry to learn as much as possible, and he would go to work eager to learn about different ingredients and spices to complete menus, growing his knowledge to be a better cook.

It was difficult for his mind to process all the ways to cook, and it wasn’t even cooking yet. he found himself  hooked when his days in the restaurant turned into nights, and he spent all of his time just trying to learn as much as possible and keep progressing to the next step. He would stand in the cooler of whatever restaurant he was working in at the time and just be curious about all the different products and processes–pieces of pork hanging in coolers, drying for house cured salamis; meats dry aging for 40oz, dry aged tomahawk rib eyes, fish curing on bottom racks for a house-made salmon gravlax for a Sunday brunch. He looked up to his chefs as teachers and masters of their craft.

Today, he look at food differently than when he was younger. Food brings balance to his life–this is not only his career but what best describes who he is . Food now means the future for him. He do everything now for one person his daughter. She has taught him more than any chef that he worked for and she doesn’t even speak yet. She nods and talks in baby, and strangely enough they can understand each other as if they are old friends. Food has changed its meaning to him just like the seasons, it is ever-changing in so many ways and will continue to be throughout his  life. Food, and the industry itself, made him  into a different person – there are a lot of growing pains in this industry, and it takes a lot out of you. This career path is for people who are go-getters who want to create and keep creating every day, and who want to share their love of food with family and friends or even a stranger that they will never meet

“Food is everything we are. It’s an extension of nationalist feeling, ethnic feeling, your personal history, your province, your region, your tribe, your grandma. It’s inseparable from those from the get-go. “