ABOUT Avartan


Name Pronunciation : AA – VAR – TAN
‘AVARTAN’ Is an Alternative-Rock Band Formed In 2012
Plays a Fusion Flavored Music Fusing Different Genres Like Pop, Rock, Alternative, Acoustic/Unplugged, Semi-Classical & also Bollywood Covers, creating experimental Style & Sound. The Band is currently known for its Sufi live performances and Bollywood Covers.
The Band’s been working on its Original compositions since its formed, which also happens to be the main aim of the Band and they’re hoping to release their debut album sooner in the near future calling different Genres and a brand new style of Music in the Avartan Style.

About The Name :-
AVARTAN generally describes Continuity & the continuity in Music. It’s everywhere, in every line, every verse, bridge, chorus, solos & everywhere.
(They live in the Music, They Believe in the Music)